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Steering Clear Of The Rental Scams – Dc Fawcett Tips


Scammers are looking for means to cheat the victims and making them believe that they are genuine. The worst part is that these individuals who fall a trap to the scammers are unsuspecting. There is a huge sum of money involved in real estate deals and hence it becomes essential to be well-equipped with the way the scammers operate.

In some cases you may not have the guidance of the real estate agent and the scammers will take advantage of this. Now let’s look at some essential things to be considered so that you don’t yield to these scams.

DC Fawcett Reviews-Steering-Clear-Of-The-Rental-Scam

  • Now we will see some of the easy frauds. Scammers repost the legitimate apartment ads by giving their address and telephone number. The means they seek here is internet. When the person who wants the buy the property communicates with the poster the latter gives lame excuses. Then how does he get the money? This he does so by making the potential buyer giving him a sum to reserve the space. Then the con artist runs away with the money.
  • The great surge of foreclosures paved way to several vacant properties that are targeted by these scammers. The scammer just breaks the lock of the building, and masks himself in such a way that he is the professional. He displays the property to potential renters. The worst part is that when the unsuspecting tenant moves in he will realize later only that building is not under the ownership of the scammer.
  • Legitimate realty agents or investors don’t promote their business in a way that violates the law. When you realize that the marketing strategies are free then it is not up to the mark.
  • When you are having rental transactions with foreign buyers you should possess a backup. Money laundering is prevalent in such cases.
  • Generally the buyers would never disclose sensitive details and this is more so in case of financial information. So when some buyer is telling even the minutest detail then you should be very careful.
  • In case of security deposit the tenant should not opt for cash payment. This is also the same in the case of the first month’s rent. It is should be noted that legitimate landlords ask for only the regular checks.
  • The tenant should get a copy of a written lease from the landlord. This should surely have the signature of the landlord.
  • The tenant should not go for renting without even seeing the space that he is going to live. The tenant should make it clear to the landlord that he wants to see the space.
  • It is prudent that the tenant gets to see the landlord in person. In this way he will get to know more about the landlord.
  • There are several scam artists who will get all the seller’s details in the open house. Then this becomes a reason for them to con the seller by posing as a real estate agent.


Scammers are rampant and they show as though they are legitimate professionals. So the need of the hour is to be extra careful with such people.

DC Fawcett is the founder of the Virtual Real Estate Investing Club and has experience in various aspects of real estate including rehabbing, vacant houses etc.

Dc Fawcett – Benefits of Private Equity Real Estate

DC Fawcett Virtual Real Estate Investing club

Investing in Real Estate has been beneficial to the investors as you can expect huge profits once you sell the property successfully. Real estate investment can be made in several ways, such as REIT’s, co-wholesaling, house flipping & renting. You can also use the property as a security to avail bank loans. You can avail these loans for starting independent establishment in which you are good at. Apart from this, you can also deal in real estate for commercial purpose. The Private equity real estate is one of the ways to invest in real estate. DC Fawcett lists out the benefits to investing in the private equity real estate.

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Benefits of private equity real estate

In the investment finance domain, the private equity real estate is an asset class. It has equity and debt investments in terms of property. Investments that are made in private equity real estate fund are a collective investment scheme that pools capital of the investors. These funds last for ten years in which you have to invest for only two to three years. The properties are on hold during that time in which the active asset management will be carried and the properties are sold. Here are the benefits of investing in private equity real estate.

1. The Private equity real estate is not dependent on the stock market, unlike public real estate products, though the investments are attractive. The rise and fall based on what is happening in the economy affect the events that are not connected to real estate.
2. Risks are lesser in the private equity real estate as it gives one of the most effective options to the investors, because of its diversity in investment. If one of them doesn’t work out, it does not affect others.
3. The Private equity real estate funds are considered as the most beneficial way of getting exposure to private real estate equity. The most successful and capable investors depend on this source to increase their real estate equity funds.
4. There is no need for the investors to worry about the property location or its growth potential as the fund manager takes care of these things. Also, the investors need not undertake the paperwork or search for the buyers or the tenants as the fund manager handles these issues and spreads out the risk by investing in different prospective projects across many locations.
5. Builders have often got into trouble when they fall short of money to sustain the ongoing project. That is the time; the real estate private equity funds have more advantage. The fund manager coordinates with the project from the very beginning phase of the development. The net profit made on the completed projects is the returns obtained as an upside.


Before taking the step to invest in private equity real estate, one needs to analyze whether they are in a position to do so. The qualified investor would explore their investment in the real estate market.