DC Fawcett Real Estate Reviews – Low Credit Score

DC Fawcett Reviews – Different Financial Approaches For A Low Credit Score

Different financial approaches for a low credit score

DC Fawcett Reviews presents his guidelines on peer-to-peer lending, student loans and non-conforming loans.

Peer-to-peer lending eliminates the process of approaching a bank for applying a loan in order to purchase a real estate property or a car loan or for education, etc; in other words conventional loan method is eradicated through this process. These loans are offered by individual lenders who are no way attached to a bank. Investors with good credit score can very well apply for these loans as it easy to get approval.

DC Fawcett Real Estate Reviews – Low Credit Score

Dc Fawcett Reviews On  Peer-to-peer

Peer-to-peer lending is P2P in short; these lenders run a website to offer cash making the borrowing process streamlined and easier. They offer low rate of interest but investors still prefer credit unions or bank over P2P, moreover it is way better than using a credit card. Investors can use P2P instead of second mortgage although there is fine for late payment.

The investor have to find the lender first to initiate the process, right after that fill up the application form online by providing all the details.  Once you are done, the lender will check the credit to verify whether you are eligible or not.

These loans are usually used by an investor in case he is going to purchase a new car or for doing home improvement or for education or to start a business or for any legal purpose.  You just need to provide your social security number in order to avoid identity theft scam which is happening frequently when you apply for a loan.

In case your loan is approved, the funding may take few weeks which you receive electronically and repayment is done in the same manner and the time period ranges from 3 to 5 years and you can prepay your dues in case you want to where you can save money on interest. Just make sure the service is reliable and your financial information is kept confidential and when you involve yourself in this process online, use the protected window to prevent from scammers.

Student Loans are of various types, they are provided by federal government for the welfare of the students and you may apply a loan without the help of a co-signer. Stafford loans are provided for students who are pursuing their graduation either full-time or part-time. Perkins loans don’t check for your credit score and private student loans are offered by private lenders which require a co-signer in case your score is less.

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A non-conforming loan is to refinance your mortgage so as to decrease your monthly dues as well as lowers the rate of interest. These loans are offered even if there is a bad credit score.

How a non-conforming home loan works?

Lenders take a look at loan-to-value ratio and existing home equity before approving the loan. Most lenders will require that you have a minimum of 20% equity in your property.

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Dc Fawcett Real Estate – Home Loan Schemes For Investors With Low Credit

What are the home loan schemes for investors with low credit?

The real estate professional, DC Fawcett Real Estate mentions different solutions for the investors with low credit on how to apply for a home loan and get approval.

Many investors is assuming that they cannot qualify for a home loan if their credit score is low , but the myth is broken and there are various home loans schemes offering money with nominal rate of interest.

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DC Fawcett Real Estate Reviews on Home Loans

FHA home loans :

The investors usually try out FHA home loans which are offered by lenders who are supported by FHA and these loans are not directly provided by Federal housing administration. These loans are insured and investors can avail easily, even new investors can try out this scheme as it is the safest way to apply for home loans. The risk factor is less and minimum credit score is 580 and may vary depending on the lender and he has th e rights to set the minimum credit score.

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VA loans :

The second type of home loans is offered by governments which are called the VA loans. The USDA housing programs and many schemes exclusively for investors with low credit are offered with reasonable rate of interest. VA home loans are offered by private lenders for ex-military officer, veterans and for community of retired investors. The biggest advantage is that investors can buy a home without making the down payment as long as there is appreciation in the property value as well as PMI (private mortgage insurance) premium is excluded.

Investors can browse about housing loans in detail by reading the blogs written in DC Fawcett virtual real estate investing club.

The home equity is calculated by property value and outstanding debts. These loans are easy to avail than a conventional home loan having strict guidelines. Lenders usually offer equity loan if they are offering a conventional home loan. Just like VA loans, equity loan’s minimum credit score can be set by the lender according to his wish.

The 203(K) loan and home improvement loans can be availed to do home renovation. They require 5 percent down payment is required when you avail home style loans and the minimum credit score is 680. The other features are similar to FHA loans. These loans are not suitable for home upgrade, but structural modifications are allowed. The 203(k) loans are of two types –standard and streamlined. The standard version is used for rehabilitation loans. Minimum loan amount of 5000 dollars can be availed.  Purchase loan can be applied if house needs major repair and structural changes. Streamlined loans are for smaller fixes like cosmetic light rehab. Maximum of 35,000 dollars can be availed for white washing etc.

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Program Supports By Offering Loans

Some investors may like to invest on the outskirts of the city, the USDA  program supports by offering loans for low income community and first-time homebuyers, this also includes investors with bad credit. There is an assurance that 90 percent of their loans are sanctioned and no down payment is required.

The 502 direct loans are exclusively for rural home buyers, it has no down payment and these loans are offered only if the buyer needs a primary residence.

Mobile and manufactured home loans can also be purchased through loans, the conventional home loans can be availed, apart from that mobile and manufactured home loans are also offered by several lenders. The qualifications are same as FHA loans.

Make proper research before you borrow money, there are several incidents happening which are caused by scammers who pretend as lenders but are actually fraudsters.

Dc Fawcett Real Estate – How credit bureaus support lenders?

How credit bureaus support lenders

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Dc Fawcett Real Estate talks about how credit bureaus work and how the information serves the lenders and how fraudsters misuse the piece of information in this article.

As we know, credit bureaus are powerhouse of information about millions of investors which is sold to the lenders and interested borrowers. The lenders generally look the investor’s borrowing history before lending them loan; it is to check whether the investor has made any payment default in the past. The credit bureaus help out in providing the information. The credit score is the outcome of your borrowing history. The detailed description of the raw data forms the credit report.  They are not concerned about the loan approval. The information is gathered from various sources but they make sure it is authentic.

The investors who have borrowed in the past would be quite popular in the credit bureaus as the lenders would have passed the information about the loan. Try to work with such lenders so that you are familiar in credit bureaus and applying for a loan will be easier.

Credit reporting system is managed by

  • Consumers
  • credit bureaus
  • financial companies

Personal information is the only way to distinguish the different investors; it is also one of the ways to stop identity theft scam.  The lenders will send e-mails if they are any attractive offers to these investors and make them as prospective buyers.

The investor’s name, address, Social Security Number, date of birth, residential address, employment details of the investor (it will have a history which comprises of all the information where you are working and where you have worked in the past as well). Scammers misuse this information by pretending themselves as lenders and get the details from credit bureaus.

The public records are collected through the credit reporting companies and judgement is based on the investor’s financial overview. It checks whether investor have been through any situations like bankruptcy, tax liens, foreclosure. They also record how many people have enquired about your credit score.

Investors can browse DC Fawcett Virtual real estate investing club to learn some strategies on how to prevent from   identity theft scam.

The most important information is trade lines which are otherwise called as loan information. An elaborate description of the loan is obtained like the type of the loan, name of the creditor, date and time, balance amount, outstanding dues, deadlines.

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How the credit score is calculated?

Investor’s payment history, the debt paid and unpaid, how long credit accounts are maintained, what are the other accounts managed by him, inquiries.

What do the credit bureaus track but will not reveal?

From the lender’s perspective, those who change their jobs and residence often are due to payment defaults and states that they are economically unstable. If the investor doesn’t want to reveal the loan details, the lender restrains from informing the credit bureau.

Thus credit bureaus help the lenders in the above mentioned way and every investor should know the importance of credit report.

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DC Fawcett Real Estate –  Fundamentals of a credit report

Fundamentals of a credit report

Credit denotes the amount borrowed by the investor and it is the deciding factor whether he/she can borrow or not as the lender checks for the credit score. DC Fawcett Real Estate presents a reviews on the basic elements of a credit report in this article.

Credit report contains

  • Loans that you have applied, borrowed past 7 years (there are few exceptions on the term )

  • Existing loans and amount borrowed

  • Monthly mortgage payment details
  • Payment report: mentions the date of the payment, this will show whether you have paid on time or not.

  • In case of bankrupt or foreclosure , those details are mentioned

  • Default loans

There are different types of default

  • Small: When a loan worth 500 dollars or less is repaid 6 months ago.

  • Medium: When a loan worth 1000 dollars or less is borrowed from financial institution or organization and repaid.

  • Large: When a loan worth 3000 dollars or less is borrowed and repaid.

  • High: When the loan default exceeds 10,000 dollars or more, the lender segments the default into several small defaults.

  • Unpaid defaults: These loans are yet to be repaid.

Credit bureaus collect the information of every investor which appears on the credit report. They are also called powerhouse of information. The source of information is through public records and databases. The information is distributed to the lenders when the investor approaches him for seeking a loan or whenever credit report is asked.  E.g. seller

Credit score refers to a number that is generated by a computer program, they generally check for particular patterns or red flags in your credit history. So after scrutinizing, your credit score is calculated and displayed.

The lender makes use of the credit score while you apply for a loan. Based on the credit score, the lender assigns the rate of interest.

Credit scores are used widely for borrowing money, applying insurance, renting, at times during the employment. It is checked so as to know how responsible and punctual you are in your payments.

When you need utility services, the credit score is checked, if the score is low; large deposit is required.

Dc Fawcett Real Estate Reviews – How to get financing?

Credit unions

In case your credit score is pretty bad, consider credit union as your first choice as they are willing to provide loans. Individual attention is given each investor.

Peer-to-peer lending services

They also provide loans for investors with low credit score.

Online lenders

Similarly, you can make use of online lenders who are not attached to any bank. Associating with such lenders increases the chance of getting loan.

Using collateral

It is yet another option where you need to pledge something of high value and borrow money. Mostly people pledge their land in case of collateral.

There are scammers who target these desperate borrowers, they pretend themselves as non-conforming lenders and get all the information from these investors. Later, the investor realizes he has been cheated.

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Dc Fawcett Reviews – How to become a member in credit union?

How to become a member in credit union?

Credit unions are non-profit organization who offers loans to the members of the credit union. They offer several services which are more or less like a bank. Dc Fawcett Reviews presents his views about benefits of credit union in this piece of writing.

How credit unions are different from a bank?

The distinguishing features are listed below, the first and foremost thing is ownership. The members whose contribution is less or more, they become a part of the credit union and hold rights to elect their board of directors whereas the bank has only account holders who are their customers, they become a part of the bank only when they have an account in the respective bank.

The credit union doesn’t pay taxes like bank does; at the same time they collect revenue to run the union and their financial decisions must be strong so as to run the organization smooth and prevent it from financial crisis. There is no peer pressure like they must accomplish a target in a stipulated period of time as profit is not the main motive of the union. They play an important role in the local economy.

Dc Fawcett Reviews – On becoming a member in the credit union

To become a part of the union, there should be a mutual bond that must exist with other members in the community. Being a member of certain groups can make you eligible for credit unions. Some unions and groups are open to the public. You can become a member if any of your family members is already part of the union. You need to provide information about yourself, submit proof for identification, and make an initial deposit like 25 dollars.

Services provided for the members in the union

Shared branching is a service that is provided exclusively for the members of the credit union. Although there is no branch or ATM for every credit union, but members can use the services of other credit union like ATM. To use this option, the home union (which you are part of) and the branch you use should be part of shared branching network. Union members can make deposit or withdraw money, pay loans. Personal service is provided in small unions, you can avail loan services by being a part of community bank. Credit unions provide financial services to consumers, businesses, and other organizations. The most common offerings are described here, but every credit union is different. Shared account is one of the safest way to treasure your money and just like savings account in a bank, union also offer some rate of interest. Checking account is used to withdraw and spend money without any restriction.  You need to make an initial deposit like 5 dollars to start the sharing account.

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Different ways to access the money by the members are

  • Members are provided with a debit card for making e-purchases and can be in used for retail and other purposes outside.


  • You can pay your bills online where the union will send funds electronically.


  • Though checks are in existence for decades now, they are useful and the feature is included in the union.


  • Apart from these services, members can make use of the ATM of their corresponding credit union.


  • Members can avail loans; the revenue for the loans is through members’ monthly deposit. Just like second mortgage loans, HELOC scheme is provided for members of the union. Automobiles can be purchased through auto loans.


  • Just like bank, personal loan service is also provided which is known as signature loans. Credit cards are issued and works just like a normal credit card where members can borrow money for emergency and repay later and credit card limit should not be exceeded.


  • Checks are provided for down payment or for any major life event, these are called official checks. Money order service works similar to official checks.


  • Safe deposit boxes are offered to union members where they can keep their valuables and documents which works like the locker service in the bank.


  • Notary service is an important service where the signature of the member is valid on any official legal document.


  • There are many organizations to protect your funds. Up to $250,000 can be insured in a union. Branch tellers, loan officers, administrative and operations roles executives run this organization.  After the directors are elected by the members, volunteers are elected.


This is one of the safest ways to invest and there are no scams recorded recently as only members can operate in this union. Investors are offered various opportunities to apply loan which is discussed elaborately on DC Fawcett virtual real estate investing club.

To know more about different types of loans, visit DC Fawcett virtual real estate investing club where you can find piece of information for investors with low credit score.


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