DC Fawcett Reviews On How To Make Money With Foreclosed Homes

How to sell houses fast in real estate market?

The basic strategy to make money with foreclosed homes is to sell it in retail. The condition of the house is an important thing which fastens the sale process. DC Fawcett reviews insists the investors on keeping the house in clean and good condition to sell it faster to the buyers. The same condition applies even if you want to sell it in the multiple listing websites. You can even sell the house to the end user for new loan.

How to make money with foreclosure homes?

You can help the people who undergo foreclosure procedure by paying their down payments and get some profit from the first mortgage. By holding the property’s second mortgage you can get the rest of the profit margin easily.

Wholesaling the property to rehabber

If the home is in too bad condition and needs extensive rehabbing process, then it is better to sell it through wholesaling. If you are not confident with the rehabbing procedures or have not done it before then sell it to someone who can rehab it quickly and sell it for profit. The house rehabbing is the process which requires sincere commitment and not DC Fawcett complaints that not all sellers can do it. You need to hire an expert for each and every work and complete the process quickly.

The planning and budgeting is the most important criteria when it comes to rehabbing the house. The more extensive the job is, the more cost it requires. Hence whole sale the property to rehabber for low profit while starting the foreclosure investments.

According to DC Fawcett reviews, the property needs to be priced at 70% of after repair value excluding the repair costs.

Wholesale the property to landlord

Wholesaling the property to landlord for renting purposes is also the wise option. If the property is in good condition and can be rented then you can sell it to landlord for higher profit. Landlords might easily accept those offers since they get cash flow income from rental properties on a monthly basis. Unlike other properties, rental ones yields comparatively higher profits. In this you can price the property at 80-85% of after repair values excluding the repair costs.

Other exit strategies

Some other exit strategies by DC Fawcett are,

  • The short sale properties can be bought and after doing a quick fix up they can be sold for retail price
  • Buying the short sale properties and wholesaling it in as is condition
  • You can fund the short sale property using the partners credit and sell it through any method, either retail it or sell it with lease option and get more money

DC Fawcett’s 3Ms of marketing


Find out what is our target market to sell the foreclosure properties. Analyze the geographic and demographic target market list.


Make it clear to sellers what we are offering for foreclosure properties. You can use email campaigns and other channels to send message to prospective buyers


Keep sign boards in your neighborhood areas and point them towards the sale of your house. Mae sure that the buyer can reach the destination without any struggle.

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