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Dc Fawcett Real Estate – Benefits of Timber frame in condos and town homesDc-Fawcett-Benefits-of-Timber-frame-in-condos-and-town-homes


We have already seen how brick homes are sold and the standard quality maintained all these years when constructing a property.  DC Fawcett Real Estate explains the investors about using a timber frame in the construction of properties in recent times.

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Timber beam homes

Construction time is quick, prefabricated timber frame takes less time than a traditional home built using bricks. Usually, it takes seven to ten days to bring a team of experts specialized in this type of construction to the site. The work can be done only weather conditions are perfect. Extreme weather conditions are not suitable. It is a dry construction process; the moisture has to be stabilized after it is weather tight. The walls are clad used during board containing a dry plaster. The land should be in dry condition. Structural insulated panels are used for air tight construction which makes a home efficient. Vulnerable to pest attacks.

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How timber frame can be used in condos and town homes?

Timber frame influence in real estate is relatively high; it has a significant contribution to properties like steel and brick homes. To sell a home fast, sellers need to construct homes being eco-friendly. Timber frame has insulation capacity and the walls are thin. The timber structure is known for its thermal performance. They prevent moist air. The heat resistant capacity is another exclusive feature which you can highlight while selling the home.

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These timber frames can be used in condominiums and town homes as these homes lack sound-proof quality and privacy is not ensured. To minimize loudness, properties can be constructed using timber beams. Dense materials are used to reduce the sound. The party wall is the separating wall in town homes; the sound can be muted by using timber frames.

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Dc Fawcett Real Estate Reviews About Timber Frames

Advantages of timber frame

  • The timber frame is rot resistant. The cladding is well-protected. Insects cannot attack this cladding, provided moisture content is less than 20 percent. You can prevent from fungi.

  • The properties built using timber frame are fire proof

  • Strong and durable, the properties remain strong for even a century. It can protect from extreme weather conditions and natural calamities.Dc Fawcett Reviews 5

  • Renewable nature
  • For winter, these homes are preferred as the timber frame structure protects from coldness with its moisture content. People frequently turn on and off the heating to maintain the warmth in winter. It gives an aesthetic appearance.

  • Low maintenance
  • Few interior walls are possible.
  • Porches, decks, and patios timber log cabins are designed for outdoor areas to adorn the lawn.

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Cost of timber beam homes

It is considered to be slightly higher than steel and bricks. The design is mostly pre designed. If you want a bespoke design, consult an architect. Customized design is quoted with fixed price. Hire skilled carpenters to do repair work. The cost varies from 150 to 175 dollars per sq.ft.

A basic timber-frame home costs $200-$325 per square foot, $300,000-$650,000 for a 2,000-square-foot home. Home appraisal takes few to several weeks. Approach lenders who have prior experience in handling timber frame condos and town homes; else you become a victim for the scam as many scammers are fooling the first-time home-buyers.

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Where can you find timber beam homes?

Minneapolis is known for timber frame homes. They use age-old methods having an open floor plan, high ceilings and beams are crafted. The cathedral beauty of timber frames can be seen in historic monuments which are still strong after several centuries.

Apart from that, you can use for constructing single-family homes, farm house and resorts near the shore.  The timber frame is preferred by the investors for their second homes or vacation homes. The baby-boomers also love this structural cladding for their retirement homes.

We infer that timber has both advantages and disadvantages through this review. To learn more about cladding, visit DC Fawcett real estate virtual investing club.

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Dc Fawcett Real Estate Tips – 4 ways to sell an inherited property

4 ways to sell an inherited property

Dc Fawcett real estate reviews about the different ways to sell an inherited property, rental benefits and drawbacks of inherited property.

The heirs of the deceased parents get the entire power to own the inherited property and it is his/her wish to either sell or rent or occupy by themselves.


Owning a rental property is the best way to earn passive income. For investors with different mindset, like absentee landlord can sell off the inherited property and make great deals of money at a time. In case you are renting, you get a steady flow of cash every month. At the same time, you need to be careful about the debts; you cannot sell or rent the property if there are debts to be paid to the mortgage lender. Furnish the house and make all the paper work ready if you are about to sell the house. You need to meet a local attorney and ask how to sell and when to sell and then proceed.

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There are four options if you are selling your inheritance property:

  1.  Auction
  2.  Sell on your own
  3.  Sell to an investor
  4.  Sell with an agent

How to sell off the property through auction?

This is the quickest way to sell off an inherited property,  sellers who want to do quick home sale can prefer this option as you need not spend on repairs and property is sold “as-is”. It is the sellers’ choice to leave or take the belongings and buyers can either use or sell off once they occupy the home.

On the other hand, you have some issues like you need to find an auctioneer, the price can be more or less than you expected.

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Dc Fawcett Real Estate Reviews – :

Selling inherited properties by FSBO

You need not find an agent or pay any commission and all the profit is yours.  If you need to save, you need to work. The seller should shoulder the responsibilities of an agent in this method to do a home sale. The duties, pros and cons are discussed in another article; you can check it out in Dc Fawcett’s virtual real estate investing club.

Selling the property to an investor

You can expect a fair market value price for your property and you need to be ready for home inspection. You can avoid some unnecessary expenses when you deal with an investor as he know which are the expenses to be cut short and avoided. The investor can protect you from  scammers  as he knows about the  real estate scams  that are happening currently.

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Selling the property to a real estate agent

You are under a proper guidance as he knows the entire home buying and selling process. The process will be streamlined and you will have better advertising service and get to know many professionals through him. You can also get potential contacts for future which can be helpful in selling the properties. At the same time, you need to make repairs and pay commission for his service.

Investors complaints about owning an inherited property, in most of the cases there would be mortgage, tax and other insurance to be paid which exceeds the life insurance of the deceased person. Eventually you tend to spend money from your pocket or in other words it starts consuming your savings. In such situations, Dc Fawcett advises his investors to refuse the inheritance power.

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Dc Fawcett Reviews – How to get home ownership if you are disabled

Home ownership is a dream for every investor and the purchasing power differs from each person depending on the financial status. There is a community of real estate investors with disabilities who are offered certain privileges;

DC Fawcett reviews has written a review about how to get home ownership if the person is either mentally or physically challenged.


The federal government offers certain special schemes and loans for these people to make their home ownership dream come true.

Some Tips about Home ownership by Dc Fawcett

•There is a rule that landlords cannot deny selling or renting their homes to disabled people nor set special rules and regulations. All must be treated equally like a regular tenant. They cannot disqualify them as non-potential buyer.

• People with disabilities may request changes in policies, practices, and services so they are able to access, use, and enjoy equal access to housing.

• Landlords and housing providers should accommodate reasonable requests to assist at all stages of the housing process and they have all the rights to ask for reasonable structural modifications that will provide them comfort.

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• They can depend upon the Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO), which was started to protect the rights of all homebuyers and individuals seeking housing, including individuals with physical and emotional disabilities.

• The Equal Credit Opportunity Act and Consumer Credit Protection Act make sure that financial institutions offer finance to all investors irrespective of sex, ensures that no discrimination is made if people are disabled.

Financing for disabled

Most of the time, the money is borrowed from a mortgage lender, bank, or credit union after an initial down payment is made.

• The mortgage lender should not restrain from lending money if the borrower is disable physically or mentally challenged.

• There are several acts and governing bodies that protect the rights of disabled people; in case they are denied with mortgage the lender is punishable by law.

Programs for Home Buyers with Disabilities

• Homeownership Voucher Program

HUD offers a Homeownership Voucher Program that can make owning a home more affordable. This program exists to subsidize monthly mortgage or rent payments for low-income and disabled individuals. HUD counselors in your state can help you apply for this program.

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• Supplemental Security Income

The Social Security Administration started this program to help aged, blind, and disabled persons who have little to no income pay for basic needs.

• Federal Programs

Department of Veterans Affairs: Specially Adapted Housing Grants (SAH) and Special Housing Adaptation (SHA) Grants are exclusively programs for veterans with disabilities. This program has certain guidelines pertaining to their income.

• The USDA offers financial assistance for elderly, disabled, and low-income rural residents in multi-unit housing complexes. This program ensures these individuals can make their rent payments.

• FHA loans are insured by the federal governments which are preferable as they are scam free.

To know more about home ownership, housing loan schemes and other privileges for disabled people, check out the articles in virtual real estate investing club written by DC Fawcett who has thrown light about these special people.

DC Fawcett Reviews On Modular Homes

Modular homes are also known as prefabricated / system-built / factory-built / panel homes. You can find these homes built inside a factory setup. These homes must satisfy the rules and regulations which differ from on-site buildings. While purchasing a modular home, keep in mind about 3 important factors namely price, quality and service.

Dc Fawcett reviews on modular homes, to know more visit DC Fawcett real estate virtual investing club.

Some aspects of modular Homes

  • The property appreciates in the value just like a traditional home.

  • These are specialized homes where you find factory equipment inside the house, it is based on what the factory manufactures and deals with. These homes can also be used just for an office setup.

  • Each home is built with a unique style and architectural design varies. It takes less time for construction completion. Choose the right builder and you can consider a Ranch or Victorian style for your home and you need to pay the full amount to the builder before construction. Hire general contractors for constructing your home. Real Estate scams are increasing day by day, so to prevent from such scams hire a reputed builder and contractors.

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  • Home loans, insurance, taxes, and resale value, standard zoning regulations are applicable and it is similar to traditional home. The loan can be applied which is valid for a year. You can also avail loans through manufacturers which is an added advantage.

  • The homes are usually characterized by ceramic flooring, counter tops, cabinets, and they can be customized according to the buyer’s preference.

  • Electrical, plumbing, gasoline are not included in the initial price. The buyer should pay for these facilities separately.

  • Kitchen cabinets or bedroom closets will have a metal tag where manufacturing date is mentioned.

  • These are energy efficient homes and subsequently you will save a lot on their electricity bills.

How these homes are built?

Find an empty piece of land in a suitable location. Prefabricated homes are built as part-wise in a factory; assembled together and then brought to the destination of the off-site home and fixed. They are placed on a foundation cannot be changed. Inspections are done under the supervision of home inspectors in the factory itself when each part of the home is built.

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Dc Fawcett complaints about the weather conditions, the builders have to stop working if it rains or snows outside.


When you apply for construction loan, until the completion of the construction you will pay interest only every month. Once you occupy the home and start living, it becomes permanent mortgage. To apply for the loan,

  • Submit your financial overview to the bank, with that information they will decide whether to sanction the loan. Do the same with at least 3 banks to make a comparative assessment on rate of interest.

  • Once loan is approved, make a plan on how to make mortgage payments


Virtual Wholesaling is another way to earn money where real estate wholesaling is done without risk.

DC Fawcett virtual real estate investing club is enlightening all the investors through blogs. The new investors can make use of these blogs to know the concepts of real estate, try hands on virtual wholesaling which is scam free.

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