DC Fawcett Virtual Wholesaling – Benefits Of Home Inspection

It is important to inspect the entire house before you move in. It is called home inspection which is done at both occasions – selling and renting a property.  When a seller or landlord skips and marks for home inspection contingency, then it is better to avoid the deal and back out.DC Fawcett Real Estate

It is visual diagnosis of the property and determines the condition of the home. The inspection should be carried out with your listing or buyer agent for 2-3 hours minimum. (Time depends on age, condition, square foot of the house it differs). There are qualified home inspectors to do this task, make sure you go with them.


DC Fawcett reviews points out the benefits of home inspection

Areas to be checked while inspection:

  • Checking whether all safety measures are ensured, it is must when you move in along with your children.


  • Basement should be checked for any water leakage if any and construction of the basement.


  • Inspecting the structural integrity and strength, condition of the home appliances, furniture, electrical, plumbing, driveway, walls, grading, Flooring, ceiling, gutters, and downspouts. Check if all are working or not.


  • Kitchen appliances, chimney and other fixtures


  • Bathroom fixtures


  • Check how to evacuate when fire or any natural calamity occurs.


  • Ventilation and insulation issues


  • Interiors and exteriors have to be checked thoroughly.


  • Doors and windows safety has to be checked, also the condition


  • Attics and garage , check if your vehicles can be parked without any problem



  • Ask the seller/ landlord to negotiate the price


  • Resolve the issues prior in case of any violation of the law


  • You can spend that cost on repair work if you find any during the inspection


  • Estimate the future repairs to be done and make approximate calculation


  • Enquire about home insurance and certifications.


  • A report is generated after entire inspection of the property for the buyer which gives an idea about potential expenses in future, condition of the property. Agent and buyers have a copy; the same report can be used by the sellers for any number of buyers.


  • Pre –purchase inspection will list out all the defects and positive features of the property in the report.


  • Pre- listing inspection is between an agent and seller


  • Provides confidence and peace of mind to the buyers


  • Improves image and professionalism, increases credibility


  • Closing cost time is saved


  • After sale –repairs and renovations work needed or not is discussed and corresponding issues are sorted out earlier


  • Referrals are identified from the fellow clients


  • Increases the chance of selling your home quick


The home inspection is carried out by buyers, so he has to pay the expert team. It instills confidence and removes conflicts. To know more about home inspection and its benefits, visit DC Fawcett virtual real estate investing club.  Investors can make use of this blog to prevent from scam.

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