DC Fawcett – Why People Fails In Real Estate Career?

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Many people enter the real estate world, but not everyone becomes successful. On the contrary, many fail in this trade and they end up in blaming the person who gives you the tips for making a successful career in real estate investment.  DC Fawcett  shares his success story in this field to the entrepreneurs who wish to pursue their career in real estate investment.

Reasons for failures in real estate business

A successful person does not have any reason for their success, but an unsuccessful person has millions of reasons as to why they could not succeed. This is applicable for any career that you choose. Succeeding in a real estate career is tough but, not impossible. Here are the reasons for failure in real an estate career.

DC Fawcett -Reasons-for-failures-in-real-estate-business

  1. Little or no saving

    The mistake which many of them make is they quit the job and start their career in real estate which is not a wise decision. It is very difficult to make a sale within a month after you resign from your job. You need to save good amount of money for your survival to start your career in real estate investment.

  2. Trying for extra income as a real estate agent while being in a full time job

    Working as a part timer in real estate is one of the hardest things to do. Buyers would be interested in seeing the property before deciding to go for it, for which they would like to talk to the agent at the earliest. If you are available after 5 or 6 pm and during the weekends, it will be very much frustrating to the buyer.

  3. Client’s negligence

    Real estate business is based on building up a good relationship and rapport with the clients which helps you to gain their trust. If you give good services to them, it increases the positive word of mouth, which helps you to increase your leads and sales. Most of the real estate neither picks the calls nor call back the people who are interested in buying or selling the house.

  4. Lack of database marketing

    Maintaining the database is most important as it helps you to store the records of past clients, prospective clients, business contacts and any other known person. You can use this database to make phone calls, send letters and emails to them. You can also invite them for entertainment purposes like fun events.

  5. Ignoring the client needs for a commission check

    This is the mistake that many real agents does out of their desperation for commission, thereby being insensitive to the customer requirements. Real estate business is all about building a rapport with the clients and referrals. If you do what is best for yourself, very less people will use your services. If you meet the client requirements, word of mouth increases and more clients will reach out to you.


Real estate business does not make you rich overnight. It needs lots of efforts and making your customer happy.These are some general real estate terms as reviewed by DC Fawcett which will be very useful for real estate investors.

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