What Does it Mean to Have a Distressed Property and Selling It

A distressed property is one that is in a condition of disrepair that is evident, as well as one that has landscaping that has grown wild and is potentially destroying structures or the foundation, or one that is about to go through a foreclosure process. Although marketing and selling a house in Sacramento is a difficult and stressful process at the best of times, these issues are amplified when time or financial limitations are present. If you own a distressed property in Sacramento, keep reading to find out what it means to you.

Time Marches On

If you own a distressed property in Sacramento and are facing foreclosure, you’ve probably already started receiving notices from the lender; now is not the time to hide your head in the sand. If you’re dealing with more serious house problems than you can handle, either physically or financially, the longer you wait, the more expensive and comprehensive the repairs will become. Another difficulty with placing your home for sale on the market with a distressed property is the additional price decrease caused by the property languishing on the market. Buyers prefer ready-to-move-in properties, so you may receive little interest on the MLS. Properties listed for a more extended period than the average listing give buyers pause when scrolling through properties and can further delay your sale. A direct buyer like those at we buy houses in Sacramento will make you an offer with a guaranteed closing date within days or set to the day that’s convenient for you.

Using a Real Estate Agent

For a distressed property in Sacramento, the typical marketplace and listing process aren’t always appropriate. You’re probably aware that if you’re working under time limitations or have severe concerns about passing the inevitable inspection, the offers you receive, if any, will be far less than fair. Fees and closing charges, in addition to real estate commissions, can quickly deplete your residual profits. A direct buyer, such as those at sell my house fast in Sacramento, on the other hand, does not charge commissions.


Have a Distressed Property and Selling It


Listing Your Property Yourself

When you have a distressed property in Sacramento, you’ll face all of the same expenses, except the commissions, just like when you list with a real estate agent. Negotiations can be difficult when your emotional and financial stake in the home is high, especially when the offer is insultingly low. A direct buyer will break down exactly how much your home would earn from a listing and the expenditures you’d incur vs accepting our cash offer, which comes with no out-of-pocket charges and is the amount you’ll get at closing. When you have a distressed property in Sacramento, you can sell it to a direct buyer as-is. The direct purchasers at we buy houses don’t keep any information about the quantity of our offer hidden from you, which you’ll agree is reasonable.

We Buy Houses in Sacramento

There are no high-pressure sales at Sacramento, and we are completely transparent about everything because we want you to make an informed decision based on the data and the issues you’re facing. You can eliminate commissions and closing charges, as well as all of the other traditional out-of-pocket expenses and inconveniences of listing your house, by working with a direct buyer like those at Sacramento. The direct purchasers at Sacramento will come to a halt and listen carefully to you, comprehend your worries, and comprehensively answer your questions, all without any obligation. We do this because at Sacramento, we want you to be certain that you made the best choice out of all options available for your situation.

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