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Every business has got ups and downs. Real estate business is not an exception. We all know that even otherwise, it is not easy to sell real estate as the buyers take a lot of factors to consideration. Location and the budget are the main factors a customer looks at before going for it. When the petrol or the diesel prices go down, it affects everything. Recession that took place in the year 2008 has caused an economic slowdown. DC Fawcett tells you the indications that can cause real estate crash.

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How to predict the real estate crash

The recession in 2008 has caused havoc in the economy which has affected the salary hikes of the employees, leading the organization to lay off the employees who are done with their projects and are not getting new projects. Recession can be tracked and its timings can be predicted with the stunning accuracy degree. Here are the ways to predict real estate crash.

  1. Recovery – Recession causes high unemployment, reduced consumption and investment in buildings, factories, and machines. Even the land rate decreases during these times. The recession also leads to delinquencies when it comes to paying off your debts when you previously avail for the long-term loans.
  2. Expansion – Transition from recovery to expansion occurs when the individuals and the companies rent their buildings they have purchased. The vacancies of the buildings are less when the tenants occupy the buildings for a long time which leads the home or the landowners increase the rent. As most of the real estate expenses are fixed, the revenue increases as and when there is an increase in the currency. When profits increase, there is a score for new development and re-development or vacant land.
  3. Hyper supply – Long term average depends on the current occupancy rate which leads to upward pressure on rents.
    1. Delineation point between expansion and market hyper supply is the first indication that we get in the real estate cycle.
    2. Recession as we know also plays a major role in real estate. In this case, the occupancy falls below the long-term average. New construction ceases but hyper supply projects continue to be delivered.
    3. Increase in interest rates is the third indication. When the prices increase throughout the broader economy with the hyper supply expansion, it sooner or later forces the Federal Reserve to fight the inflation rates. The positive side of it is the developers can resume with their hyper supply. The negative side of it is the delay in the projects.

You can make your own predictions anticipating those indicators that give you the hints about the current market so you will be able to safeguard yourself from this trouble. We don’t intend to scare you after having told the pros and cons but make better plans for the future when the market is good. You can counter these problems when you utilize your time and money when the market is good so it comes handy for you in these situations.


These are some general real estate terms as reviewed by DC Fawcett which will be very useful for real estate investors.You need to keep in mind that recession gas not taken place due to the event which no one has expected.

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