DC Fawcett Virtual Wholesaling – The Real Estate Market Predictions 2018 to 2020

The predictions on real estate market by professionals and savvy investors concluded that the home sales will be excellent till 2020 and beyond. The home prices will be historically high for next few years. The sellers are on favorable side as it will be their market.DC Fawcett Virtual Wholesaling

The buyers who are planning to invest on a real estate property in next few years should start saving the funds for the huge down payment. The allocations should be large so as to meet the requirements.

DC Fawcett Reviews -The-Real-Estate-market-predictions-2018-to-2020

DC Fawcett has explained in detail about the market predictions, an overview of 2017 home trends in this article.

2018 and Futuristic Predictions:

  • The unemployment rates will be low and the market will have rise throughout the year 2018. The trends look positive. The economy plays a major role in deciding the market scenario.


  • Economy of the nation is the lifeline of the real estate market prediction.  The analysts have said that there will be potential growth in the economy.
    The property prices inflation will be high.


  • The GDP and nation median income are some influencing factors that will have an effect economy of the nation. If the economy faces a downward trend, the scenario will change.


  •  The total home sales are calculated to find the median home sales. Every month the number of homes sold is compared to previous year’s sales to know whether there is an increase or decrease in home sales.


  • When the number of home buyers is more, the supply and demand also increases as these 2 factors are proportional to home sales. The 2018 forecast seems to be favorable as there are new ways where these investors can qualify for a mortgage loan.


  • Federal home loans are offering loans with less interest for first-time home buyers and government is taking some steps to introduce new schemes for financially backward people.


  • The restrictions are getting limited which makes the buyers feel more comfortable and flexible in buying homes. There is an upward trend in number of single-family home sales.


  • The already unaffordable cities remain to be in same condition and there will be chances of rental prices going up. The fall season may turn the heat on in real estate.  The forecast seems to be highly optimistic for next 5 years as market will be in upward trend.

The rate of interest:

We witnessed that the mortgage rates will tend to increase, most of the sellers depend on mortgage lenders to avail loans. So when the rates are increased, it will have an immediate effect on the home buyers.

Developing new real estate ventures is not important; the affordability is an important factor to be looked upon. When the homes are overpriced, there is no one going to invest on your property.

Credit score also determines the eligibility for loan approval. If the score is low, there are various ways to afford a loan which you can browse in DC Fawcett virtual real estate investing club.

What can people expect in 2018?

The following trends can be witnessed by the investors in the forthcoming years.

  • Inflation in home prices
  • Millennials will purchase more homes, probability of single –family homes getting sold is high
  • Investors may look for distressed properties to earn quick profits
  • House- flipping will be continued to yield high returns.


2017 overview:

We have seen some extremely highs and lows in the market trends. The California City has become the hottest selling market, the statistical reports confirms it. The home prices in San Francisco have gone up.

  • The number of tenants has gone up historically high comparatively.
  • The home ownership is less preferable as rates are too pricey
  • The supply is less than the demand
  • The number of real estate scams has gone up as there are many scammers entering the market to fool the first time home-buyers.

From this review, we learn that it is going to be strong seller’s market as there is going to be tough competition among buyers in purchasing a property.


Dc Fawcett, the real estate expert, and also the founder of the Virtual Real Estate Investing Club, is well-equipped in the real estate scenario and assists people develop their real estate investing business.

DC Fawcett Real Estate What is the need for Family limited partnership?

What is FLP?

Involvement of family members in a business or assets left for them, and then it is called family limited partnership (FLP).DC Fawcett Real Estate The FLP can be established by spending a cost of 5000 to 10,000 dollars.

It is a partnership agreement signed in consent between the family members who are the active participants in trade or business. It is used to divide the income and profit equally among the family members. To administer the objectives of the family members, FLP is required.

DC Fawcett -Real Estate-What-is-the-need-for-Family-limited-partnership

The business can be in the form of real estate property which can be even vacant land or holdings or assets like gold, stocks, and bonds.

The advantage of FLP is to transfer the value of the assets to any member in the family which leads to reduction in the estate.

Types of Partnership

General and limited are two types of partnership. Initially, general partnership is created with interests of limited partnership. Now the general partner has all the ability to gift the limited partnership interest to his or her heirs or other eligible members in the family.

The general partnership gets the entire ownership over the asset as well as he or she can control the other members in the family whereas limited membership pass on their powers to their heirs and other eligible members in the family.

DC Fawcett discusses about the pros and cons of FLP.

 Pros of FLP

  • Reduces the burden of income tax issues as you can pass on the powers to your heirs.


  • Transfer of ownership is systematic: The value of the shares remains with the value of the estate.


  • Tax benefits


  • Income tax savings from limited membership when you add your heirs onto your limited membership.

Drawbacks of FLP

  • Heirs are burdened with capital gains liability which is based on the property type, which can be further studied with the attorney’s help.


  • The stepped-up value is not constant.


  • General members are prone to risk as do not have any protection for their asset.


  • Minor (heirs) cannot get ownership easily: it requires the interest of a guardian or a parent membership. General members should control the activities. So, the family members cannot choose them for limited membership category.


  • DC Fawcett complains about the exorbitant tax levied on the assets which are not oriented to business and may lead to capital gain unnecessarily.


  • There is a financial loss when there is a property ownership transfer.

We infer from DC Fawcett reviews that the benefits are less in FLP but when executed in the right way, the family members can enjoy all the advantages. Don’t become a victim by getting involved in a scam; In order to do that, you need to consult a financial adviser to know in depth about FLP.

The attorneys generally deal with FLP’s and you can also take the help of financial planners. You can learn more about financial advisers and how to hire them by browsing DC Fawcett virtual real estate investing club.


DC Fawcett virtual real estate investing club has blogs which discusses more about the mistakes that an investor commits frequently. Investors can have a look at it before making your investments.

DC Fawcett Real Estate Reviews – Cities topping in 2017 housing market

When you are looking out for a property, there are many factors like job market, tax values apart from location. To reside happily, there should be peace and it is attained when your neighborhood is a safe community and the residents can enjoy their life to the fullest. DC Fawcett Real Estate Reviews brings a list of cities that have been considered as the best places to live.

First-time home buyers can join the virtual real estate investing club to know more about quick home sale and real estate scams to be avoided.

DC Fawcett Real Estate-Cities-topping-in-2017-housing-market

New York City, Seattle and Houston metro areas are considered to be safest. Madison is attracting tech companies, thus providing solid job opportunities for all the people, followed by Austin, Dallas, Boston, California. Virginia, San Francisco, Seattle, Orlando and Columbia are emerging to be strong contenders in providing job opportunities. Boise, Idaho is a city that is growing in tech sector and proving solid business opportunities.

DC Fawcett Reviews:

Fawcett complains that there are few cities that charges heavy rent and not suitable for first-time home buyers and low-income community.

  • For renters, some cities aren’t suitable owing to high rent levied by the landlords for example; Miami which is known for its waterfront and luxury properties tops the list. On the other side, the income of an employee in that city is relatively low.


  • From seller’s perspective, Miami is considered to be one of the best real estate investments as they can sell it off at a higher price as it has got potential growth. Landlords in California are quite lucky as the house rent is rapidly increasing every year.


  • Manhattan is considered to be the costliest place to dwell apart from Miami. San Diego, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, New Jersey are few cities where rent is quite high.


  • Indianapolis is considered to be most affordable city for rental as it costs just 800 dollars approximately followed by St.Louis, Omaha, Iowa, Houston are most affordable cities which are recommended for millennials as these cities have a rental-friendly lifestyle.


  • Minneapolis and North Carolina have ranked top in low cost living. Florida tops in the fastest growing cities list.


  • Taxes play an important role when you own a property; there are tax deductions, and benefits etc. Consult your tax advisor for more information. The effective property tax rate in Alabama is 0.38%, second lowest in the country.


  • Homeowners in San Francisco pay the highest median property tax. Hawaii County residents pay just $820 whereas in Madison it’s $1,464. Homeowners in New Jersey pay the highest effective property tax rate in the country 2.13%.

The property tax rates are Colorado 0.5%, Arizona 0.66%, Virginia 0.83%, Georgia 0.89%, Florida and Washington 0.93%, Massachusetts 1.13%, New York 1.38%, Ohio’s 1.57%, Texas 1.63%, Wisconsin 1.72%.  Investors can prefer Dallas, Florida and Texas as housing market sounds profitable.

Retirement communities like Boise, Brevard, Colorado, Texas, and Iowa ranks top and retirees can prefer one of these cities preferably.

Safest neighborhoods are Connecticut, New Jersey, Indiana, and Massachusetts. These places are highly suitable to raise your child in a safe environment and crime rating is low.

Investors gear up and find the best real estate agents to purchase a property in any of these cities.


These are some of the emerging trends in real estate for 2017 and beyond as reviewed by Dc Fawcett. Real estate professionals must upgrade their knowledge about  real estate and face what is in store for them with ease.