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DC Fawcett – Tools To Manage Real Estate Business

DC Fawcett Real Estate

If you are having an office set up for real estate business, more people are likely to visit your office to inquire about real estate investment. Sometimes, you will be too busy in your meeting with the important clients which becomes very hectic. So it becomes necessary to hire the staff that has got a good knowledge in real estate investment. Technology keeps improving and changing for the better. There are more software tools coming to the market, which makes your life easier and the business more efficient. DC Fawcett suggests making best use of these tools to improve your business. Some of them might be expensive, but most of them are inexpensive. It all depends upon what budget you fix for them.

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DC Fawcett’s suggested tools for real estate business

Tools to manage the real estate business

Here are some of the popular tools which we will be discussing on this topic.

Google Drive

It provides you the online storage wherein you can store your documents, images, upload and download files, create shared folders, templates, listing presentations and much more. It allows you to share your files and converse with others. You get first 15GB free of cost which is more than enough to store your data.

Drop Box

It does the same work as Google drive like uploading and downloading the documents, create shared folders and view them using any device i.e. computers, tablets and phones.

Cloud On

It is a multipurpose application, in which you are able to upload, create, review, rename, edit, and manage your data. Most of the clouds hosting sites are freely available and makes your work incredibly easy.


You can collect and organize digital content with the help of this tool. Users can synchronize all their data on every device and computer they use. It also includes saving the web pages you want to research and gather information online, share the notes with your colleagues and prospective customers. This software is free of cost when you download but the premium package is $45 per year and business plan is $10 per month.

Open Home Pro

There is no need for the Realtors to take the pen and paper with them as they can use iPad application instead. It has these features which enable you to keep track of people who attend your workshop, without having to decipher their handwriting. Open Home Pro has the fields, that has got columns for prospective buyers have agents, pre-mortgage approval and fields to store contact information. Its price is $4.99 at iTunes.

Wi-Fi Finder

This is available in all android and IOS devices and is a free application. You can get a Wi-Fi connection in any place you go. It comes handy to all businessmen who depend on tablets.

Google Calendar

Is a free online calendar which syncs all your devices, i.e. phones, tablets and computers. You can create multiple calendars within a single calendar, that consists of personal, work and editorial calendars, share specific calendars with concerned persons, and view others public calendars.


They are some general real estate terms as reviewed by DC Fawcett which will be very useful for real estate investors.Automation is necessary to maintain your client information without a paper. If your office is automated and has a good manpower, there is a scope to improve your business.

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DC Fawcett – Tips On 5 Things Every Real Estate Pro Knows – The 5 Star

In real estate there are 5 necessary strategies that all investors should learn as reviewed by DC Fawcett  Tips.


Real estate investors should know the ins and outs of the business which they usually do. They can employ many ways to do this. He can hire a real estate agent, research books, browse the internet, read articles related to real estate, converse with similar people, attend real estate conferences and so on. For initial investors it can be difficult but as time goes by it will become easier.

DC Fawcett’s review on the 5 tricks that every real estate investor should know is simply great and will provide substantial guidelines for real estate investors.

DC Fawcett-Tips-on-5-things-every-real-estate-pro-knows

Analyze local prices

A real estate investor should compare average home prices and current price patterns in his area with the neighboring localities. This will help him to understand where the best market is.  Also over the time this helps him to comprehend which is a bad price, a good price and an over price. He can source out these price trends from the local newspaper, the internet or the town hall. Or even better he can hire a real estate agent.

Look for rapidly developing areas In Real Estate

Real estate investors should look for areas which are developing fast.  Developing areas generally show some clear signs such as construction of new buildings and schools, development of new infrastructure such as roads, railway stations and bus stops, widening of lanes which are main roads, the erection of new traffic lights and so on. Also information on developing areas – both local and state can be obtained by talking with some local municipality officials. This way they can find out about developing areas and invest in them.

 Invest in areas with low property taxes.

A real estate investor should look for low-tax areas. This way he can save a lot on property taxes. Communities which are overcrowded usually impose high property taxes. Indicators are full schools, bad roads etc which means the town has to be refurbished.  An investor can consult a local tax assessor who will show him a list of low-tax areas and tell him how much tax the town imposes per $100 of house.  A real estate agent will also help.

Look for places with quality education

Often areas with quality education are those with good school rankings. Homes in these areas are usually targeted by parents. Real estate investors have to look out for such areas. They can check the  state’s board of education website, check PSK12.com or visit the school itself to find out the ranking and the standard of education.

Outskirts of a developed area are good for investing

If an area becomes overpriced, then real estate investors can invest in outer boundaries of the area. Areas which are in proximity to major rail and bus transportations are even more desirable.  Real estate investors can consult the local rail road or bus company and check if they are planning to develop service in that area.


Every real estate pro must know these 5 tricks laid down by DC Fawcett




Real Estate Investment or Stock Investment – DC Fawcett Training

Which is better to invest in real estate or stocks?

Read this valuable review by DC Fawcett


Real estate is the land and the buildings on it and also includes natural properties like crops and minerals. Stock is a type of security in a firm which lays a claim on the profits and assets of the firm. Both real estate and stocks are good for investing. Real estate investment has earned an average return of 8.6% from 1978-2004, while stock earned 10.6575%.  So how do we decide which is better for investing? While we can see that stock has earned a higher return on an average,  real estate is a tangible asset. So we must first analyze the pros and cons of both to decide which is one step ahead for investing? We can do this easily by reading DC Fawcett reviews

DC Fawcett Real Estate-which-is-better-for-investing-300x147

Real Estate:

People can relate to real estate easily as it is an appreciable and tangible asset. There are two main types of real estate:  commercial and residential. Investing in real estate is not easy as it is not monotonous. A thorough analysis of the pros and cons of investing in various types of real estate must be done (A separate topic of discussion by itself) before deciding how we are going to make money out of real estate.

Pros and Cons of real estate investments

        Pros of real estate investments

  • It results in tax deductions

  • It is an appreciable asset – prices have appreciated to nearly 20% in the United States from the year 2012-2015

  • If we sell a property and invest in a similar one , we are not liable to any tax;

Cons of real estate investments

  • For real estate to appreciate it takes time and we cannot sell it easily.

  • Real estate prices either increase at a slow rate or stay flat – housing prices rose by 6% in 2015 and they are predicted to rise by 3% in 2016 as surveyed.

  • The closing cost can be a lot in terms of commission and taxes

    Pros and cons of stocks

      Pros of stocks

  • Stocks are easy to sell. Stocks often do better than real estate in a year .

  • Stocks can be reallocated even into a retirement account

  • Stocks tend to increase a company’s growth.

      Cons of stocks

  • Stocks are very unstable and depend heavily on economic situations. When the economy is bad stocks do really poor.

  • Sometimes decisions related to stocks can be illogical within the market.

  • We are always in the danger of our stocks getting dissolved due to bankruptcy


Stocks have a real edge in some areas but real estate is better in terms of stability and taxes. Also some disadvantages of real estate can be nullified- for example when we invest in real estate, diversification is not possible but when we invest in real estate investment trusts then it is possible to overcome this disadvantage. On the whole your financial position and comfort determine the type of investment area.