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DC Fawcett Real Estate – Benefits and Drawbacks Of Using Reverse Mortgage

Reverse mortgage is applicable to senior citizens who are 62 years or above to avail loan without selling the house and retains the property ownership. This method helps the old people to stay in their home after the retirement and bank pays the monthly mortgage to the lender DC Fawcett .

Once the borrower relocates or passes away or when entire property is sold out; the amount has to be settled to the lender. Reverse mortgage is the last solution during the mortgage crisis where borrower is free from mortgage interest and loan amount.

It is applicable when the borrower earns minimum income and all financial expenses have to be dealt preventing from foreclosure. The method is used to fund the senior citizens who want to increase their income as their house is considered to be their largest asset after retirement. The 3 qualifying factors to avail loan are age of the citizen, value of the property and interest rate.


Dc Fawcett Reviews states the advantages and drawbacks of using reverse mortgage


  • Disbursement option (i.e. you can either take checks every month or take a lump sum from the bank

  • Senior Citizens continue to live in the same home and entitled to have property ownership

  • The reverse mortgage funds can be used to pay the existing mortgage loans

  • Heirs of the senior citizens are not legally answerable if the loan amount due exceeds the property value and can avail home equity after paying reverse mortgage loans.

  • Tax free revenues and low interest rates


  • Taking a lump sum to cash out is not a good idea as it results in annuity.

  • Not suitable if there are younger members in a family /joint family system

  • Value of the property may decrease

  • Insurance premiums like FHA and other fees are quite expensive.

  • Decrease in equity resulting in less amount left for heirs of the senior citizen

  • Should reside in the same house until all property taxes and insurance premiums are paid, else it results in foreclosure.

Reverse Mortgage scam is usually in form of misleading information like economic stimulus notice, government lending division, FHA house benefit program which falsely state that the heirs of the senior citizens will continue to inherit the house.

Dc Fawcett has given his solutions to on-going complaints received from the investors regarding reverse mortgage. They are

  • The lender is entitled to take the property ownership which is absolutely not true, the ownership remains with the borrower.
  • The loan may exceed the property value is also false; the reverse mortgage scheme ensures that the heirs will not have more loan value at time of maturity.
  • It may lead to eviction is not true, the time of leaving the home is absolutely borrower’s choice.


Dc Fawcett has thrown light on myths, benefits and drawbacks of using reverse mortgage. To master the art of virtual real estate wholesaling, the interested investors can join DC Fawcett Virtual Real Estate investing club to know more about reverse mortgage.

Dc Fawcett – Factors Which Diminish The Value Of a Fine Home

There are some factors which increase the value of a home like good staging, proper renovations and also the weather conditions in a locality. Similarly, there are elements which reduce the value of your home. In this article, Dc Fawcett reviews the factors which diminish the value of your home.


Unsuitable location is an important aspect which reduces the value of your home. It is very crucial that your home must be in a good location.

  • Your home should not be near an area of high crime rate
  • The location of your home must not have school closures
  • The location must not have extreme weather conditions
  • The location must not have high noise pollution though areas adjacent to airports and railways stations will raise the value of your home as they have good transport.
  • Locations with industries and cellular towers pose health hazards and hence are not considered as good locations

Thus your home’s location if unsuitable will devalue your home’s worth and Tips on how to handle Absentee of Landlords.

DC Fawcett Real EstateFactors-Which-Diminish-The-Value-Of-a-Fine-Home


An area which has maximum number foreclosures experienced a major setback to the home’s value. Those homes which were around 300 feet saw a drop of 1.3% in home value across America in November 2016. If you are not able to make your monthly payments, then your home goes into foreclosure.

Neighbors with untidy homes

When your home is adjacent to a neighbor who maintains an untidy front yard, home estimators give less value to your home. This is a factor which reduces the value of your home.

Superstitious beliefs

Various myths reduce the value of your home. For instance: the Chinese believe that the number 4 signifies death. The number 13 is not honorable.  Thus, in the 4th and 13th floors will be trashed in value. This is with respect to the Chinese that you are reading. But, similarly Americans have certain superstitions which will trash your home’s worth.

Bad curb appeal

This reduces the significant worth of your home. A badly kept front yard or dark interiors can be a put off to many buyers. A cluttered front yard will drive away buyers. Some luxury features like over kept landscapes or swimming pools will not encourage buyers to buy your home since buyers tend to associate such amenities with high costs. Thus bad curb appeal leads to undervaluing your home.

Landfills and power plants

The residents near areas with landfills had to bear the stink from these landfills. Thus, property values near landfills dropped by 5.5% to 7.3%. Power plants are considered as health hazards due to the dump they generate. Therefore homes near power plants are seen to fall in prices.


Damage due to pets like torn carpets, broken walls and lingering pet stench will drag down the values of your home. You have to repair these damages and market your home. Also keep your pets somewhere else when the home is in the market.


These are some of the basic factors that devalue your home as reviewed by Dc Fawcett.

Beware Of Scammers Posing As Cash Homebuyers – Dc Fawcett


The bad thing is that there are scammers trying to trap sellers and the realty agent. You might have earned money the hard way, but these scammers know the easy way to swindle money with make believe tricks. The method may vary, but there is a common pattern seen in the scamming. The ones who are posing to purchase property really do not want to purchase the property. They pose like they are into the process of purchasing the property. But there are some signs that reveal something amiss and that which alert you that the potential buyer is indeed a scammer.  Also, by discerning these signs, you can save yourself from falling in their trap.

DC Fawcett -Beware-Of-Scammers-Posing-As-Cash-Homebuyers

Beware Of Scammers

  • The most obvious scam occurs when the buyer claims that he is from a different country. Usually the scammer develops a contact via email, and expresses desire in purchasing house in your vicinity.  With no sound knowledge of the area, and with no particular interest in knowing about the property, the scammer may appear like he is keen on purchasing the home.
  • The trickster will furnish details about his financial stands, and that too, without you asking for it. The financial details that are furnished will be false. But, the most common pattern observed is that the buyer shares sensitive information without you demanding for it. The scammers furnish plenty of information with regard to their contact, and which do not actually exist.
  • Usually, the buyer will be out of reach. He will take every possible effort to avoid speaking to you over phone.  The reasons that pop up will usually be not very convincing.  They will make a request to you to contact the attorney.  Since they are only posing as buyers and really do not have intentions, and also since their accent will give it out, they fear talking to you in person.
  • Usually, lot of mistakes pop up as the scammer sends the payment. He might claim that he has sent across a check with excess money and he needs a refund. But when you have sensed things gone amiss, your money is already drained out.
  • Usually the origin of the scammer is different from his actual nationality. That is the reasons why they have some restrictions, they claim.  There will be various make-believe stories that they come up with, and a discreet seller can make out the fraud.
  • When the prospective buyer uses an email service that is free of cost, it does not fit into the professional decorum. This may be a revealing sign that something has gone amiss.
  • It is important to verify the authenticity of the database showing previous sellers that the buyer has contacted.
  • Most of the fraudsters do not have the cash. Verify the bank information of the prospective buyer and make the move carefully.
  • When the method of advertising is not up to the standards, you have to sense something fishy about it. Usually, legitimate buyers do not go for such tactics.
  • The scammer will be ready to choose the method of payment even before you ask for it. They might come up with an attractive mode of payment, and they will be ready to make the down payment.


DC Fawcett, the founder of the Virtual Real Estate Investing Club, will guide you on what’s working better in the current real estate scenario.