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Dc Fawcett Reviews – Risky Situations in the Real Estate Profession Dc Fawcett Review

Real estate is not a hazardous profession. However, there are some dangers involved in real estate. In this article, Dc Fawcett Review a real estate entrepreneur some dangers lurking in the real estate profession.

Beware of first time clients

Strangers are always to be feared and this is the same with new clients too. First time clients are new faces. You don’t know who they are. They may be stalkers, thieves, alcoholics, drug addicts, looters and big time criminals. So beware of them.

Open houses are dangerous

Open houses are dangerous. When an agent holds open houses, he advertises on where and when he is going to hold it. There have been several incidents occurring during such home showings.

Some have been reported in news channels. Once when an agent was holding an open house, a laptop was stolen. He was working alone and a pair came and turned his focus away. Yet another incident was: 2 agents were holding an open house when a couple walked in.


The man reeked of alcohol and both of them were blabbering. The agents sensed that something was wrong with them and immediately took some steps to prevent harm. One held a pepper spray and stood at the front door while the other walked the people into the house.

The former agent called her husband and when he came, those two intruders ran away. There was also an incident where a real estate agent was holding a home showing alone.

Then suddenly the agent saw some untidy clothes in the basement. The agent called the owner and he said that there was nobody living there. Then suddenly after sometime the owners came with the police and found a man there.

It turned out that he was living in the basement for some months without the knowledge of anybody. Such incidents show that home showings should be done alertly. Agents must call neighbors, family members and relatives to be present at the open houses lest anything happens.

If they cannot stay till the end, they must be there at least at the beginning and the end. They can alert the security guards of the home. If nobody can come from your family or friends, at least inform them about the open house. Also do an open house with a companion – a fellow agent. Inform brokers, fellow agents and others from the office.

Foreclosed or empty homes

Such homes may have previous owners refusing to vacate. They may be badly illuminated and have deadly animals coming inside. Such houses may be occupied illegally by people who specialize in doing so.

When you show homes of strangers

You may sometimes have to show the homes of people whom you don’t know. This is dangerous since you don’t know the homeowners. Even if you have just met them a couple of times and don’t know them really well, it is still a problem.


These are some of the dangers lurking in the real estate profession as reviewed by Dc Fawcett. For tips on how to encounter them and safeguard against them, read Fawcett’s article on tips to safeguard against real estate dangers.


Dc Fawcett Tips On How To Handle Absentee Landlords

Absentee landlordism is a kind of landlordism in which owners buy properties but they are not onsite. They often manage the properties with the help of a property management company which performs     so many functions like marketing, arranging home inspections, taking care of repairs and emergencies and so on. Absentee landlords usually buy properties abroad and they leave the country to their own country. Thus they are absentee landlords. Absentee landlordism comes with a host of positives and negatives. To get a deeper insight into the pros and cons of absentee landlordism read Dc Fawcett’s articles on pros and cons of absentee landlordism. In this article, Dc Fawcett gives tips on how to handle absentee landlords.


Pay rent in time

Some absentee landlords especially those new to absentee landlordism find it difficult to hire property managers. Thus they find it difficult to collect rent. Many tenants of absentee landlords usually pay rent late. They take their own time. Don’t do this. Pay your rent in time and you will be in the favorable books of the landlord and in times of emergencies and otherwise also, you will be entitled to more benefits.

Home inspection is crucial

A rigorous home inspection is crucial and you should make sure that all fixtures, home appliances, HVAC, roofs, taps and others are in good condition. When you move in and when you move out, everything must be in good condition. Document all faults and make them legal. Take photos and date them. Stamp all the papers.

You need to adapt to the situation

Flexibility is the order of the day and as a tenant of an absentee landlord, you should be adjustable. For instance: you break an equipment in your house and you want it to be replaced. Decent landlords will remove the old one, buy a new one and replace the old one. The landlord facilitates and pays for everything but in case he is an absentee landlord, the distance does not allow him to arrange these things. You will be asked to do it yourself and pay for it. It is better to do so instead of making it an issue. In this case, absentee landlords will have a good impression on you.They will adopt a friendly attitude towards you and continue to help you out in your future issues. You should maintain a very good relationship with absentee landlords since they live at a distance. If you don’t do so, you will be overlooked and your complaints will be ignored.


These are simple tips given by Dc Fawcett for handling absentee landlords. Dc Fawcett is a real estate entrepreneur and investor and gives tips for many real estate investors. He is an expert in investing in areas where he does not stay. He is an expert in virtual real estate and purchases properties by taking into account domain names, websites and online services.

Beware Of Scammers Posing As Cash Homebuyers – Dc Fawcett


The bad thing is that there are scammers trying to trap sellers and the realty agent. You might have earned money the hard way, but these scammers know the easy way to swindle money with make believe tricks. The method may vary, but there is a common pattern seen in the scamming. The ones who are posing to purchase property really do not want to purchase the property. They pose like they are into the process of purchasing the property. But there are some signs that reveal something amiss and that which alert you that the potential buyer is indeed a scammer.  Also, by discerning these signs, you can save yourself from falling in their trap.

DC Fawcett -Beware-Of-Scammers-Posing-As-Cash-Homebuyers

Beware Of Scammers

  • The most obvious scam occurs when the buyer claims that he is from a different country. Usually the scammer develops a contact via email, and expresses desire in purchasing house in your vicinity.  With no sound knowledge of the area, and with no particular interest in knowing about the property, the scammer may appear like he is keen on purchasing the home.
  • The trickster will furnish details about his financial stands, and that too, without you asking for it. The financial details that are furnished will be false. But, the most common pattern observed is that the buyer shares sensitive information without you demanding for it. The scammers furnish plenty of information with regard to their contact, and which do not actually exist.
  • Usually, the buyer will be out of reach. He will take every possible effort to avoid speaking to you over phone.  The reasons that pop up will usually be not very convincing.  They will make a request to you to contact the attorney.  Since they are only posing as buyers and really do not have intentions, and also since their accent will give it out, they fear talking to you in person.
  • Usually, lot of mistakes pop up as the scammer sends the payment. He might claim that he has sent across a check with excess money and he needs a refund. But when you have sensed things gone amiss, your money is already drained out.
  • Usually the origin of the scammer is different from his actual nationality. That is the reasons why they have some restrictions, they claim.  There will be various make-believe stories that they come up with, and a discreet seller can make out the fraud.
  • When the prospective buyer uses an email service that is free of cost, it does not fit into the professional decorum. This may be a revealing sign that something has gone amiss.
  • It is important to verify the authenticity of the database showing previous sellers that the buyer has contacted.
  • Most of the fraudsters do not have the cash. Verify the bank information of the prospective buyer and make the move carefully.
  • When the method of advertising is not up to the standards, you have to sense something fishy about it. Usually, legitimate buyers do not go for such tactics.
  • The scammer will be ready to choose the method of payment even before you ask for it. They might come up with an attractive mode of payment, and they will be ready to make the down payment.


DC Fawcett, the founder of the Virtual Real Estate Investing Club, will guide you on what’s working better in the current real estate scenario.