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Dc Fawcett – Ugly Home Staging Will Not Help Your Home Sell


Bad home staging can lead to buyers rejecting your home. Then, the time and effort spent is wasted and money goes in the air too. You must be careful while staging your home. In this article, Dc Fawcett, a real estate investor and mentor, reviews some bad staging work in homes.

Worn out furniture and cheap decorations

Some people replace their own old furniture with rented ones. This is good, if it helps you to show off your home in good light. Sometimes the replacement furniture is so bad that it spoils the entire look of the home. People often buy cheap and untidy furniture and think this is a good bargain for them when they don’t know that the potential buyer will reject their home outright when they see it . they are various factors which diminish the value of a fine home.


Inappropriate pictures and props

You must put appropriate pictures and props in your home. For example, you can put a cradle and a baby chair in the nursery room. But you cannot put a model of the lighthouse of Alexandria in your Florida condo. It will look ill-suited. This type of staging will be a put off. Also don’t use very dark and gaudy colors which are not the in-trend these days.

Overdoing the props

If you fill your home with too much of props, pictures, decorations, furniture and so on, the home will look messy. It is a spoiler.

Inflatable beds

These are bad props. Someone who sits on them may fall down. It will end up on a scruffy note. The inflatable beds not only look artificial, making the buyer find out as soon as they see it but also will create a doubt in the minds of the buyers as to whether they will get their perfect bedroom in this home. So, put real mattresses, instead of these, which are sure to attract the potential buyer.

Pets, pet hair and pet fur

Probably you are an animal lover but your prospective buyer need not be one. He may be the one who hates or is scared of pets. If you keep your dog barking in the front gate, he may not even enter the home. Or even if he knows you have a pet, he is likely to go back. So, remove pet furs. Check under the beds, in the nooks and corners and on every single furniture piece. Use a lint roller to clean or you can call the cleaning agency if you can afford it.

It’s better not to put dead animal parts

This is an in-the-vogue trend but many are often insulted and put off by this. They hate it when animal hides, rugs, skins and antlers are hung on the walls, put on top of furniture or scattered all over. Some hate to see the parts of once dead animals while others may be vegetarians, vegans, animal lovers or maybe you may even have an animal right activist doing the tour.


These are some of the basic bad home staging works as reviewed by Dc Fawcett. Sellers can benefit by reading these. It is absolutely essential to stage your home well.