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Dc Fawcett Guidelines For Obtaining a Luxury Real Estate Deal – Part 2


In part 1 of this topic, you saw some tips for purchasing a luxury home.In this article, Dc Fawcett .a real estate guru and mentor, gives some more real estate deals directions to buyers for buying a luxury home.


The design must be beautiful yet comfortable. Consider the future of the property. Select one that has high class materials and fine architecture. Choose a floor plan that suits your lifestyle. For example: if you love to dance and do it every day, then look for a floor plan that has a lot of flow.

DC Fawcett Real Estate -Guidelines-For-Obtaining-a-Luxury-Real-Estate-Deal

Resale value

Discuss the factors that will affect the resale value of the home. It is really important to analyze the resale value especially since it is a luxury home and the investment is going to be really big.

Not just the resale value, ponder on the value first and foremost

Is the luxury home worth what you are paying? Think carefully and then buy one.

With power comes responsibility

The responsibility of maintaining a luxury home is huge. Think carefully before you buy.

Make a list of facilities

Make a list of the top class amenities that you want in your new luxury home.

  • Pool
  • Spa
  • Gym
  • Home theatre
  • Children’s play area
  • Backyard
  • Lovely garden
  • Smart appliances
  • Entertainment

There will of course be much more in your minds. So go on to make the list.

Is it loan or cash?

Cash is easier to pay than going through the strict mortgage process. You may prefer to pay down cash. Otherwise, you may take advantage of the lower interest rates and keep cash for other investment purposes taking a loan in this case.

Understanding tax

You have to discuss with a tax consultant to understand the tax consequences. You have to comprehend how to take title of the property.


You have to show the seller that you have the money to pay for the home. Before you do so, you have to get money from the bank and obtain a loan as well. All these involve critical documents to be displayed. In Real Estate Financial and asset documentation is of vital importance.

Cooperatives and condos

An attorney usually researches the financial workability of the home.

Title insurance

You have to get the title insurance so that you will be insured against forgotten problems.

Research the prices of similar properties

Before you make a price offer, ask your realtor to find out the cost of like properties and then proceed with quoting the bid. This will put you in a safe nest. You are neither paying more nor less.


Luxury real estate must be purchased with great care. More than normal homes, more concentration and focus is required in every area as they will involve big losses if you don’t. These tips are best for purchasing a luxury real estate property. Readers will surely benefit out of reading these suggestions from Dc Fawcett.


DC Fawcett – Tips On 5 Things Every Real Estate Pro Knows – The 5 Star

In real estate there are 5 necessary strategies that all investors should learn as reviewed by DC Fawcett  Tips.


Real estate investors should know the ins and outs of the business which they usually do. They can employ many ways to do this. He can hire a real estate agent, research books, browse the internet, read articles related to real estate, converse with similar people, attend real estate conferences and so on. For initial investors it can be difficult but as time goes by it will become easier.

DC Fawcett’s review on the 5 tricks that every real estate investor should know is simply great and will provide substantial guidelines for real estate investors.

DC Fawcett-Tips-on-5-things-every-real-estate-pro-knows

Analyze local prices

A real estate investor should compare average home prices and current price patterns in his area with the neighboring localities. This will help him to understand where the best market is.  Also over the time this helps him to comprehend which is a bad price, a good price and an over price. He can source out these price trends from the local newspaper, the internet or the town hall. Or even better he can hire a real estate agent.

Look for rapidly developing areas In Real Estate

Real estate investors should look for areas which are developing fast.  Developing areas generally show some clear signs such as construction of new buildings and schools, development of new infrastructure such as roads, railway stations and bus stops, widening of lanes which are main roads, the erection of new traffic lights and so on. Also information on developing areas – both local and state can be obtained by talking with some local municipality officials. This way they can find out about developing areas and invest in them.

 Invest in areas with low property taxes.

A real estate investor should look for low-tax areas. This way he can save a lot on property taxes. Communities which are overcrowded usually impose high property taxes. Indicators are full schools, bad roads etc which means the town has to be refurbished.  An investor can consult a local tax assessor who will show him a list of low-tax areas and tell him how much tax the town imposes per $100 of house.  A real estate agent will also help.

Look for places with quality education

Often areas with quality education are those with good school rankings. Homes in these areas are usually targeted by parents. Real estate investors have to look out for such areas. They can check the  state’s board of education website, check PSK12.com or visit the school itself to find out the ranking and the standard of education.

Outskirts of a developed area are good for investing

If an area becomes overpriced, then real estate investors can invest in outer boundaries of the area. Areas which are in proximity to major rail and bus transportations are even more desirable.  Real estate investors can consult the local rail road or bus company and check if they are planning to develop service in that area.


Every real estate pro must know these 5 tricks laid down by DC Fawcett