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DC Fawcett – A Look Into Real Estate 2017

DC Fawcett says that Life is full of surprises, so is the industry of real estate! Seeing that, political disconcerts, social ambiguity, and international instabilities have had a plunge in 2016, real estate enthusiasts and home buyers are frantically looking forward to a change in the year of 2017.

We’ve crossed a month and half-way through March now, so let’s have a look at how this one and a half months have been.

DC Fawcett Real Estate -A-Look-Into-Real-Estate-2017

By now you would have heard this several times, 2017 is going to be the best year for investing in real estate, real estate activity is taking heads. The question now is whether or not the increased real estate activity reported in January, February and March will continue through the year.

During the month of January it was predicted that you can expect transparency in the property market and in the month of February it was said there will be a decline in the interest rates.

This is a rough data, most importantly this is not the thing that exactly happened, so it is always good to be on your guard and be double cautious because even the slightest mistake in real estate can bankrupt you.

  • Choose a healthy market
  • Study the location carefully
  • Look for growth drivers
  • Pay the right price
  • Don’t follow the herd
  • Have a strategy
  • Do the paper works right

Irrespective of the kind of real estate activity you are involved in, it may be selling a property, buying a house or investing in a commercial or industrial property, you should make sure that you are tagging along the housing trends and know about commercial real estate that could have an impact on your real estate activity.

A keen watch on the pulse of the real estate market is said to help steer clear of being left out in the cold by growing interest rates or a widening gap between supply and demand.

Now let’s see some points for purchasing a home in 2017.

  • There are a few fortunate people who can make the entire payment in cash. But for the others, financing comes to the aid. But, you need to furnish a decent credit to avail the mortgage.  Your ability to furnish a good credit score makes it possible for you to avail a mortgage.  When you cannot furnish a decent credit score, you might be turned down the mortgage.

  • When you avail of more loans, there is every possibility that the debt outweighs the credit. There are lucrative mortgages which would come up, and you should not miss it just because you have severe debt damaging your credit score.

  • You can get a fine picture of how much you can afford through the process of mortgage pre-approval. Just see to it that your pick of property caters to your budget.  Being conscious of every penny that you spend, you can ignore the properties that are beyond your affordability. Thus, you can avail of the option to purchase a property in the community that best suits your financial stand.

  • For the first time buyers, there is no inkling of a doubt that, for the financing to be done, a mortgage lender has to be approached for consultation. You need to come to terms with the money you can afford and then get into the process of buying a home. You need to have a sound knowledge of the market in the vicinity.  You know your priorities better when you work with a realty agent.

Purchasing a home:

  • Always there is a prevalent uncertainty about the value of the houses, but when you make an informed decision to purchase a home, you are happily in the home thereafter.

  • The Price you have to pay for financing the home buying generally exceeds the home’s actual value. Be versatile regarding the mortgage alternatives and other expenditures.

  • The House may be offered for a certain price for which much care is given. The proposal to purchase a home involves both the cost and the terms.  The terms require much additional amount to be shelled out in certain instances.

  • Retaining a property without insurance is one of the most foolish things that one could do. The insurance acts as a shield during untoward incidents that affect and damage the property.

  • The Closing process comes with different terminologies as Settlement or Escrow. It is no more manual in most of the places, and there is increasing computerization of the process.

  • The process of home purchase requires you to be financially sound. Following the steps that are listed above will make things easy for you to purchase a home.  A bitter surprise should not spring on you, and you need to take every measure to see to it that you clear the process in a hassle-free manner.


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Alternatives To Seek When Mortgage Is Not Affordable – Dc Fawcett


When you are lagging behind in your mortgage payments the likelihood of losing your property would be frightening. There would be financial emergencies including loss of job etc.

If you are struggling with your mortgage payment then you should reach your loan servicer to talk about the available options. This you should do as early as possible. You should keep in mind that the longer you take this step the lesser alternatives you have.

DC Fawcett-Alternatives-To-Seek-When-Mortgage-Is-Not-Affordable

Your request may have been rejected earlier but it’s wise to call your servicer even in this context. Servicers may be very busy but carry out perseverance in waiting for your servicer.

There are some qualifications including your qualification for HAMP, your property is your primary home etc. before reaching your servicer. After contacting your servicer you should give some documentation. This will include your monthly mortgage payment, your latest income tax return etc. You can visit the appropriate websites to get relevant information regarding these.

There are in fact several options when you can’t afford your mortgage anymore and some of them you can do by yourself. However, if there are some questions that need to be answered about mortgage concerns you can obtain knowledge from U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. An attorney can also be consulted in this scenario.

Now look at some of the options when you can’t afford your mortgage payment.

  • Refinancing your mortgage comes to the aid in such case but it’s important that borrowers take up this alternative prior to missing on mortgage payments. You should also be ready for the paperwork.
  • Filing for bankruptcy is generally very useful for stopping the home from getting into foreclosure process. However, it has its share of risks too and hence one should consult a good attorney. By taking this option it damages your credit to a substantial degree.
  • You can go for a short sale- a sale where you sell off your property for a lesser value that is owned on your specific debt. Here the lender considers the sum as a complete payoff of your mortgage. This does not have a devastating effect as that of a foreclosure.
  • A Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure is another option. Here you will voluntarily forfeit the property title to that of the servicers. This you will do with their consent. This is carried out in return for the cancellation of the debt balance. Here then you will lose your property but it does not have that damaging effect as that of foreclosure, on your credit score.
  • There is also a rare option including negotiating a loan modification with your present lender. Also, there is another option wherein you sell your property or rent it. You might owe a certain amount and you can sell it at that value or more than it. However, this is not a good choice. As far as renting your property is concerned it may not be the best option. However, if it manages to make the process workable until you can pay your mortgage again then it may be considered.

Scam artists are prevalent everywhere and they know when homeowner are falling short of their mortgage payments. They may sound as they are ever willing to help you but their intention is not so. Their main aim is to swindle you off your money. They mask themselves as foreclosure prevention specialist and charge an exorbitant amount just for doing some paperwork. Also they make the homeowners sign a deed. The deed will show that the homeowner can stay in the property as a renter. Later they can retain the property. So it’s very essential that one is careful of these scam artists.

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Purposeful Investment Strategies: Housing becomes more affordable

Those who come out with flying colors in the real estate are just not landlords.  They are keen executives in the field of business.  They function like managers of the portfolio, and also they are business managers who are keen on hiking the profits as they hold their clients with esteem.  This article discusses housing investment that is affordable. It is considered as a good business and investment strategy.  We begin with defining the housing that is affordable, and brose through groups that depict the suitable target market.  Following that, we discuss the affordability that is the prominent characteristic of the market that one aims for.

Options in investment for people of different categories

Senior citizens and differently abled people

People who are above the age of 65 and with disabilities are a major portion of the US population.  Studies have revealed that the amount is on the rise.  People who are in the age group require housing that is near to public residences and modifications are done to help them in day to day life.  Modifications embrace ramps instead of stairs, bathrooms that enable wheelchair accommodation, handrails and modified cabinets and closets.

DC Fawcett-Purposeful-Investment-Strategies-Housing-becomes-more-affordable

Off campus Housing for Students

The increasing number of adult and non-traditional education centers has boosted the requirement for off-campus housing.  Grownup students with families require houses that are near to the college campus.  Students from abroad require housing that is accessible round the year.  This is due to the fact that it is less costly and more easy than frequent international trips during holidays and summer breaks.

Off the base Housing for the military

Those who serve in the military have options in housing, both on and off the base.  On base residences requires raising constructions, management of property and grounds maintenance.  Off-base housing needs added assistance with respect to location, custom construction and purchase financing.  Off the base housing requires to be near the base and it should be easy to move into and out of the residence.  Investors in military housing should have sound knowledge with federal contracting and also the specific guidelines for each branch of the service.

Programs with respect to rehabilitation and Reentry:

Those residences for the destitute, midway residences for recovering addicts and the freshly released from home for delinquents, require neighborhood based housing.  Boarding houses and housing complexes should be huge enough to offer necessary facilities and privacy for the students who have rented it. It must also enable required accessibility and security levels that are relevant to each age group.

Beyond being just landlords

One should know that he or she should not be just a landlord.  One should be multifaceted as a landlord, an investor and a business executive.  When you are a landlord embrace the human aspect.  As a landlord, one could make a market by assisting families and the community.  When you are an investor, one has to create the blue-chip portfolio of the real estate.  Retain the best properties, at the best amount, that yield a huge amount of profit.

Need to earn money even as the market plummets down?

When the market is going down, one would not be able to mint money when everybody suffers financial constraint.  One needs to be knowledgeable about short selling by taking up a course through email.  Make out what a short selling is, the impending risk in it, and how you can draw favor from declining stocks.  So, start it right away and begin considering every move as a chance to earn money.

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