Dc Fawcett Tips – Which Is Best to buy your home – Urban or suburban

Where do you want to buy your home? Urban or suburban


Every one of you will definitely want to buy a home, if not now, at least on the long run. So how do you decide where to buy the home Urban or suburban most coveted asset of your life?  While there are lots of misconceptions about the suburbs, it is mandatory that you first determine what kind of environment you need, learn about the advantages of buying a home in the urban as well as the suburbs and then buy the home accordingly. Buying a home based on misconceptions will not do you any good. DC Fawcett, a real estate investor who shares ideas on his blog known as the virtual real estate investing club, gives important tips on the advantages of buying homes, both in the cities and the suburbs.

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Advantages of buying homes in the suburbs

Environment :

There are plenty of parks, open spaces and neighborhoods in the suburbs. There are shops, groceries and other facilities around for which you don’t have to travel into the city. There is also plenty of entertainment in the form of yoga studios, dance clubs, sports fields, private clubs, golf, community centers, public swimming pools and so on. Your children can enjoy life. They can play freely on the streets with their friends. Even at schools, they experience cultural diversity which is good for their wholesome development. Parents are more involved in the activities of the district schools which help them to make more friends in the neighborhoods. Aged and old have plenty of scope for exercise and friends in the vast expanses and the localities of the suburbs. Overall, a great and congenial environment is what you get if you buy a home in the suburbs real estate.

More square footage:

You will get more square footage space for lesser rates. You may even be able to afford a 3 bedroom independent house with a garden for the same price for which you can afford only a 2 bedroom condo in the city. Families often need a lot of space for themselves. So it’s good to have a big home than a cramped one.

Crime rates are lower:

Suburbs typically have lower crime rates than the urban.

Convenient shopping:

You don’t have to wait to find a parking spot with many shopping choices like big box shopping, boutiques and everything else.

Advantages of buying homes in the cities

Convenience: Although suburbs do have comforts, nothing can beat the cities in matters of convenience. Everything is available at your doorstep.

Conveyance: Conveyance is easier. Cities have better conveyance facilities in terms of public transport and service route operations

Medical facilities: Medical facilities are definitely better in the cities.

Better amenities: There is no dearth for better resources of shopping, specialty stores, well planned streets and architectural buildings in the cities.


With extraordinary spaces and good sources of entertainment, suburbs are of late becoming popular places for real estate investment. If you are the kind of person who loves friendly environments and big homes, then go for the suburbs. On the contrary, if you are comfort loving and prefer a fast life, then stick to the cities.


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