Zack Childress complaints

Zack childress real estate micro sublets, short term rentals, vacation homes and second hand homes are emerging trends in real estate. Short term rentals yield higher returns than long term lease. Even vacation homes are cheaper than hiring a hotel room for few weeks since it has all facilities. Shorter lease requires more maintenance and screening tenants and it consumes more time than regular lease.

Zack Childress complaints

Zack Childress complaints

Zack Childress real estate reviews describes what all should be done before short term rental deals.


  1. Permission and screening
  2. Pricing
  3. Short sale
  4. Redesign

    • Permission and screening

You need to make it legal before you rent it out for short term rental. Subletting may or may not be allowed for short term rentals. So investigate what the law says and abide by it as per your state rules. You can either opt online or personal screening of your tenants before occupying the house. .

    • Pricing

Since you are lending your property for short time, it is must that you offer the right price. Overpricing will not help you out, do not offer a price that is used for long term rentals. .

    • Short sale

Short sale is selling a house for a price that is lesser than the total mortgage on it. It is preferred when property value declines. It may or may not need an approval from the lender. Investigate with different real estate agents to get a better idea. .